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Barbour International Dog Coat

item #BAO0010
Price: $79.00
Sale Price: $63.20
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Barbour International Dog Coat
Barbour International Dog Coat description:
Back in the day, wearing the same outfit as your best friend was about as rad as bouncing around on an in-ground trampoline. And while your best friend is a furry, four-legged pooch rather than a pint-sized kid, the Barbour International Dog Coat allows you to continue the twinning tradition with your new bestie. Styled after your infamous International jacket, this dog coat boasts a waxed cotton exterior that puts rainy days to shame, along with a soft micro-fleece lining that keeps Fido toasty. The two adjustable straps allow for a personalized fit, and the angled flap pocket is great for keeping poo-bags close at hand.

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