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Big Agnes Crosho UL Sleeping Bag: -20 Degree Down

item #BAG00AS
Price: $599.95 Buy Big Agnes Crosho UL Sleeping Bag: -20 Degree Down
Big Agnes Crosho UL Sleeping Bag: -20 Degree Down
Big Agnes Crosho UL Sleeping Bag: -20 Degree Down description:
Meeting the demands of extreme alpine environments, the Big Agnes Croshu UL -20 Degree Sleeping Bag maintains fiery warmth when whipping winds and subzero temperatures threaten to leave you in full-on survival mode. The bag's ultra-light designation makes it an ideal choice for shaving weight, especially when you're hauling up a big wall or trekking across inhospitable terrain. 850-fill DownTek maximizes the bag's lofting power, trapping essential body heat when you're hunkering down on a portaledge for the night, and it uses a hydrophobic treatment that repels outside moisture from compromising its heat-trapping loft. Insotect Flow Construction replaces the traditional baffles employed on many subzero bags. This Flow-Optimized Architecture features Vertical Thermal Channels for rapid and equal distribution of body heat--all without cold spots sapping your warmth inside. It's also contoured to your body's shape for a closer fit that locks in precious heat in extreme conditions, and it reduces the amount of materials needed in materials to result in a lighter bag on arduous adventures.

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