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Avid Shorty 6 Brake

item #AVI0072
Price: $51.95
Sale Price: $33.99
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Avid Shorty 6 Brake
Avid Shorty 6 Brake description:
The cantilever brake of choice for most 'crossers, the Avid Shorty 6 Cyclocross Brakes are built to work with any road levers. The center mounted pad holders offer easy pad setup, and if you routinely switch between aluminum training and carbon race-day wheels, the pad holders allow quick removal and insertion of standard road-type brake pads to suit. Avid's Shorty 6 Cyclocross Brakes offer easy canti- arm adjustability with a stiff spring and limit screws on each side. The standard 70mm pads will give you tons of stopping power. They come as separate sets for front and rear. You'll have to order one set for each wheel to outfit your bike.

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