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Airflo Super-DRI Bandit Fly Line

item #ARF0004
Price: $84.95 Buy Airflo Super-DRI Bandit Fly Line
Airflo Super-DRI Bandit Fly Line
Airflo Super-DRI Bandit Fly Line description:
The Airflo SuperDri Bandit sneaks your fly into a fish's world with an ultra-stealthy presentation. Camo bands on the first 12 feet of line break up what the fish sees both in the air and on the water, to reduce his suspicion. The SuperDri Ridged coating reduces the surface area that touches the rod rings, minimizing friction for a smooth cast. The long rear taper maintains stability for even the longest casts, allowing you to target that trout who's been mocking you by swimming just past the distance you could cast well with your previous line. Set the hook quickly, even from that distance, and land dinner thanks to the Power Core minimizing line stretch.

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