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Arc'teryx Maka 1 Waistpack

item #ARC00HT
Price: $49.00 Buy Arc'teryx Maka 1 Waistpack
Arc'teryx Maka 1 Waistpack
Arc'teryx Maka 1 Waistpack description:
There's a reason your grandma didn't go anywhere without a fanny pack on--not only was her butt backpack comfortable to wear and convenient to carry, but she could easily access anything she was carrying without having to deal with a clunky pack or purse. And no, G-ma didn't help design Arc'teryx's Maka 1 Waistpack, but we're pretty sure she'd appreciate its simple, streamlined, and smart design, which includes a zippered main compartment, a small front pocket for all the little stuff, and a back slip pocket that can be used to stash a phone, bus pass, or cat treats.

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