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Arc'teryx Calvus Cap

item #ARC00GT
Price: $35.00 Buy Arc'teryx Calvus Cap
Arc'teryx Calvus Cap
Arc'teryx Calvus Cap description:
That pinstripe fedora you wear out on the town may look pretty baller at the club, but you look like a real joker when you wear it trail running--actually, you look pretty ridiculous at the club, too, so you'd might as well just wear the Arc'teryx Calvus Cap at both venues. It's made with air-permeable Socora fabric with mesh side panels and a Spacermesh sweatband to to keep you cool when you're hitting V02 max on the trail, or waiting for the beat to drop at the club, and it's treated with a DWR finish to repel sweat, rain, and whatever kind of alcohol that might rain down from the rafters.

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