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Alpinestars Alps 2 Knee/Shin Guards

item #APN016G
Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $89.23
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Alpinestars Alps 2 Knee/Shin Guards
Alpinestars Alps 2 Knee/Shin Guards description:
Pads can be a pain in the ass right up until you land on your front wheel, go over the bars, and manage to land both face and knees first onto a pile of rocks. Alpinestars' Alps 2 Knee/Shin Guards won't save your face, but their PE foam padding and aramid fiber will protect your lower limbs from impact and abrasion, so your legs don't end up looking like someone took a cheese grater to them. (Your face is on its own, though.) Because the padding is made of rugged foam, the Alps 2 stays flexible so you can ride comfortably, and its soft lining stays comfortable against your skin and helps prevent sweat from building up. Less sweat means less slipping, but Alpinestars also treated the liner with a silicone print to help it remain in place. Elastic hook-and-loop straps at the top and bottom of the Alps 2 lock it down further, and strategic stretch mesh also works to keep the Alps from sliding around, so you can focus on riding and not on pads that have slipped down around your ankles.

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