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Alpinestars MTB Bionic Men's Shorts

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Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $50.00
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Alpinestars MTB Bionic Men's Shorts
Alpinestars MTB Bionic Men's Shorts description:
I'll get it soon is a pretty common refrain when talking about protective gear, but how many times have you put it off only to get smashed on your next ride' Even once is one time too many, so grab the Alpinestars MTB Bionic Men's Padded Shorts before it's too late. The Lycra and mesh design keeps you cool and dry, just like a traditional liner, but the foam padding over the hips, thighs, and tailbones takes the sting out of crashes of all shapes and sizes. An extra layer of hard PU over the hips and thighs provides extra protection for your bones, and the elastic waist and leg grippers keep the Bionic from sliding around without pinching your skin or rubbing you the wrong way.

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