Little Bear Snowshoes
By Denise Court

Spring Brook
Spring Brook created the first Little Bear snowshoe in 1994. Two years later the owner, Jim Watson, took the idea of snowshoes to the limits of the imagination and decided to make snowshoes for his toddler. The Little Bear Cub and Grizzly were produced.

The Little Bear Cub snowshoe is made of a sturdy, high impact copolymer. In other words you cannot break it. They come with a 100% lifetime guarantee against breakage. These snowshoes are designed for younger children ages 2 to 8. They are 6" X 14" and can hold up to 65lbs. The compact design allows a young child to easily maneuver forward, backward, and even sideways in icy snow or powder. Instead of sharp crampons, the Little Bear Cub has cupped edges with blunt tipped claws that grip the snow. They are very safe even for young children.

Little BearWhen our family tested these shoes we found them to be exceptional. Our children range from 3 to 8 years old. The Little Bear snowshoes were easy to put on and they stayed on. In fact it was easier to lose a boot, Little Bear Cub and all, than have the snow shoe come off. The children were able to run, climb up hill, and tumble down without losing the snowshoe or getting hurt by sharp crampons. I also found the snowshoes to be compact and easy to store in the closet.

Summary: The Little Bear Cub Snowshoes are an excellent value. With a 100% lifetime money back guarantee and exceptional quality you can't go wrong. These snowshoes can turn any snow day into a playday.

The suggested retail price is $39.99

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