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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Looking for a tent?


I was wondering if you help me find a certain style of tent. This is for a Christmas gift and I know nothing about tents. My sister and husband asked for a tent that has two rooms plus a screen porch - do you know if anyone makes this and where I might find it?




Eureka makes a couple of tents like you describe. Go to, then click on tents at the top. Next, select Luxury Family in the bar at the bottom. I believe the Lodge and the Condo both have two rooms and a screen porch. These are not inexpensive tents though. The Eureka site also has a dealer locator, so you can find the dealer nearest you and take a look at one of the tents. The dealer locator is found on the left of the main Eureka page.

Armadillo makes large family tents with screen porches, but none of theirs have two rooms in the tent. You can look at their tents at Once you enter their site, click on the word "Tents" at the top and the tent names will appear just under the bar. Click on the individual tent names to look at a specific tent. Armadillo also shows the prices.

In general's staff prefers the Eureka family tents to the Armadillo models. They are easier to set up and have more features. The Eureka Luxury tents may also be more expensive than the Armadillo models.

There are cheaper tents at KMart and Sears, but be careful. Most of these lack the quality of materials and workmanship. For example, many of the Coleman family tents will leak in the first rainstorm you encounter. They just aren't designed for rough weather, which you can encounter at any time, even if you're camping in a National Park campground or KOA. Eureka and Armadillo (they also make Walrus tents) are companies that make expedition and backpacking tents, so they know how to make a tent weatherproof, yet comfortable for a family.

I hope that helps.

Steve Mann

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