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Friday, December 15, 2017
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Tent Problem?

I'm looking at buying a tent from Mountain Hardwear, it's called the Thru-Hiker it has a sweet little window which has been tested to the extremities. A double entrance and a large porch all at 230. Please could you give me a review with the ups and downs?

I haven't used the Thru-Hiker tent myself, nor has any of our staff. I can tell you this, however. Mountain Hardwear tents are very high quality and design. I have used the Room With a View tent (see my review at which has some similar features, and the Room is my favorite two-person tent.

The Thru-Hiker is light weight, but not ultralight. There are more light weight two person tents out there-like the Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight--but the lighter weight tents have two poles rather than four, and usually have a smaller vestibule. I really like the larger vestibule, especially if you will spend any time at all in bad weather (rain).

The extra poles also mean more interior space, as the poles pull the tent up and away from your body. This means less chance of rain when your feet touch the bottom of the tent, as your feet are less likely to touch the fabric in the Thru-Hiker.

Mountain Hardwear tents are more expensive than some of the others, but consistently outperform most other tents. If price is an issue, perhaps looking at the Quest Preying Mantis or SD Clip Flashlight would be worthwhile. (Both of these tents have reviews on the site.)

My bottom line would be a qualified recommendation for the Thru-Hiker--qualified only because I haven't actually spent time in this tent.

I hope this helps.

Steve Mann

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