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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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TalkAbout 270 - 280 radios?

Have there been any updates on the FRS Radios?
I like your review of the Cherokee 460 but I am wondering about the new Motorola 270 and 280 with VOX. Does the tester that loved the Cherokee 460 still like it?

Frank Landgrebe

We have not received the newest Talkabout radios 270 and 280 series. The tester that liked the Cherokee liked the radio's small size and lighted buttons.

From what I have seen of the 270 and 280 series, I think that Motorola has made some good changes, such as chainging the volume control from a dial to a button. The addition of the Nickel Metal Hydride models that allow you to recharge the unit is also a plus.

When we receive the units for testing we will update the review to include them.

Jeff Porcaro

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