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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Backpacking Stoves?

I'm looking at buying a backpack stove. The two I've narrowed it down between are the MSR Whisperlite International and the Peak Apex II (it has a detachable fuel bottle etc.). I do know that the Peak comes with a fuel bottle and one for the MSR is sold seperately. Anyway I was wondering which of these stoves you recommend?

I like both for the versatility in using different fuels. I primarily am planning on using White Gas. I have read that it is hard to obtain a simmer on the MSR stove while the Peak stove simmers and boils well is this true or have you heard of different experiences. The one drawback that I kind of had with the Peak was the possibility that it was a bit more bulkier. Although it might not be too much more than the MSR.

Is one stove better or more reliable or easier to light than the other? Do you know if both work well in colder weather (have heard the Peak rates "fair" and the MSR "good") and stuff? Is one stove easier to clean and maintain than the other? Is one stove better for the money, packing, reliability, more stable,etc.? Some many questions!!!

I'd sure appreciate your help!!



Our staff's favorite stove is very close to one of your choices. Rather than the Whisperlite 600, I prefer the MSR DragonFly. I burns white gas, unleaded auto fuel, or kerosene and has much better flame control than the Whisperlite. Getting the Whisperlite to simmer is tricky, if not downright impossible. Both MSR stoves are good in the colder weather. The Apex is no slouch either, but I highly recommend the DragonFly. The only exception would be if you are going to do a lot of international travel. The additional fuel options of the Whisperlite would push it to the top in that case.

Here's a link to Jeff Porcaro's review of the DragonFly:

I hope that helps.

Steve Mann

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