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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Would you buy the Preying Mantis?

I live in Texas and will spend some time camping in New Mexico and Central Texas. Therefore I am interested in a good venting tent. I was very intrigued by the Preying Mantis' vestibule (as was yourself). My theory is that a good camp trip depends on your comfort in the less desirable weather. A lot of tents look good until I try to figure out how to get wet clothes off without soaking the inside of the tent. I suspect what I'm trying to ask is would you yourself buy the Preying Mantis in this price range?

Thank you for your time,

Bill Pitts


The Preying Mantis is a great tent, and recent changes have made it even better. Quest has updated their "sportiva hubs" so that they no longer need to be tied to the tent body, but attach thru a hook or velcro attachment. (I haven't been able to test this out yet, but I've read this in their literature.) I have purchased a Preying Mantis tent myself. I use it often, but not always. The principle criteria for deciding which of my tents I'll use is weather. If I expect much rain or am taking a longer trip, say in mountains, I'll take the Preying Mantis. As you suggested, it's the vestibule that makes the difference. If I'm going to get stuck in the tent for half a day, I want one that'll be comfortable and has room to take off wet outer layers without dampening my sleeping bag or other gear. The Preying Mantis excels here. If I'm going desert hiking for a day or two, I'll opt for a lightweight tent. You can see my review of light weight tents on the site. I'm also working on a light weight solo tent review for early summer. The Marmot Eclipse is a good solo tent based on my testing so far.

I hope that helps.

Steve Mann

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