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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Help finding Peak 1 model 3001-700T fuel?

Last fall I purchased a backpacking stove on clearance and was able to find only one fuel cartridge at the time. Now it seems as though that was the only cartridge ever made. Perhaps I am missing something, but I could use some help. Please advise me as to where I can find the fuel for this stove. It is a Coleman Peak 1 Model 3001-700T.

thanks in advance,

Good news. I finally got an answer from Coleman/Peak 1. The holidays delayed their response, usually they respond in a day or two.

Coleman/Peak 1 still manufactures the cartridges for your Peak 1 Model 3001-700T stove. The cartridges are sold in specialty and outdoor retail stores. You can call 800-835-3278 to get the name of the retailer nearest you. Coleman also told me that the connector for your stove is the same as Optimus and Primus cartridge stoves, so if necessary you could use either of their cartridges interchangeably with the Peak 1 model.

Hope that answers your question and that you can find a dealer nearby.

Steve Mann
The Gear Review Staff

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