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Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Converting to MGRS?

Do you know of any GPS recievers that will convert LAT/LON coordinates to MGRS (MGRS is the Military Grid system)?

If a GPS receiver supports the MGRS coordinate system then you can change the coordinate system and enter the value in your preferred format then change the coordinate format and the value will be converted.

Some examples are the Lowrance GlobalNav 12 at $179, the Magellan GPS 315 at $149, the Magellan Tracker at $321 or the Gamin GPS 12 at $150.

Some GPS receivers will allow you to display your position in the default coordinate system as well as an alternate system in a split screen.

An example is Lowrance GlobalMap 100 at $449.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Porcaro

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