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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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L.L. Bean's Gore-Tex/Kevlar waders?


I just read your posts on regarding the Bean waders you reviewed. I have a quick question:

I am a New England salt water fly fisherman who fishes mainly from flats, surf beaches and jettys. I do a fair amount of walking between the parking lot and fishing areas and have the opportunity for sand to get into a wading shoe. I have an opportunity to get a great deal ($150) on the LL Bean Gore-tex/Kevlar waders at the Bean outlet in NH. My concern is sand in the wading shoe/sock area.

Did you have any observations with this issue? I know the Bean waders have first rate gravel guards, but will these protect against beach sand?

Thanks in advance for your reply!



Let me start by saying I've never fished the conditions you described. My fishing experiences with the L.L. Bean waders are limited to rivers and lakes in Utah.

With that said, I believe Bean's Gore-Tex/Kevlar waders will work very well for you, especially compared to the competition. The built-in gravel guards, with an elastic cuff, do an excellent job keeping dirt and sand out of wading shoes. The fact that they are built-in to the waders ensures you will never forget them. I wore Danner's 8" River Gripper wading shoes with these waders and I was completely protected.

A couple of recommendations:

1 - A pair of wading shoes that go higher above the ankle, like Danner's 8" River Gripper, will help protect your wader's feet.
2 - For extra protection get a cheap pair of neoprene socks to go over your Gore-Tex feet, this is an advantage for Gore-Tex feet waders (it is more uncomfortable to put an extra pair of neoprene socks over neoprene stocking foot waders).
3 - After each outing make sure to thoroughly wash the waders, removing all sand and dirt.

I hope this helps.

Scott Clayton

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