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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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More FRS?

Thank you for your response. I found the gear review and your information very helpful. I have two additional questions I would like to pose:

1. Are there FRS radios that can go up to 5 miles?

2. If so, do they require any special license?

Thanks again for your help.



There is a radio service called GMRS which stands for General Mobile Radio Service. The radios in this category will communicate for up to 5 miles. The following radios are included in this category: Motorola Distance, Kenwood FreeTalk XL, and the Wireless Marketing Cherokee GR-715. With the popularity of Family Radios many of the manufacturers are planning GMRS radios. To use the GMRS radios you are supposed to have a license which is available for a fee. The fee is $75 for two years. This license is an application only license with no test needed.

I hope this helps.

Jeff Porcaro

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