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Saturday, February 17, 2018
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FRS Radio Question?

In your article on the FRS Radios you did not speak much in the way of distance. I was thinking of buying the Cherokee 460 that you said was one testers favorite.

Please tell me if this Cherokee 460 had the same distance as some of the others.

Was there any problems with battery life with the 460, some have said it is a terrible on batteries like less than 10 hours?

Does the tester still like the Cherokee 460?

Frank Landgrebe


We liked the Cherokee 460 because of it's size. We did have problems with the batteries dying quicker than any of the other radios we used. If you had the rechargeable batteries then that becomes less of an issue because you don't have to pay for new batteries.

As far as distance is concerned we didn't have any problems. All of the radio's are rated to 2 miles. That is if there are no obstructions. All of the radios performed well in the 1 mile range. We had some even go up to 1.5 miles. These tests were done in a small city suburb as well as the Wasatch Mountains and Utah Deserts.

If you are looking into distance and would use them for more than 1.5 miles you may want to look into the GMRS radios that will go up to 5 miles. We will be doing a review this summer of the GMRS radios. I also have just received the Cherokee 465 radios for review and will be posting a review on them in May.

If size is an issue for you the Cherokee is a good radio. If there are other things you are looking for like long battery life and a cheaper price, you may want to look at getting the Kenwood FreeTalk.

I hope this helps in your quest for a FRS radio.

Jeff Porcaro
Contributing Editor and Co-Founder

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