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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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What backpack(s) would you suggest I try?

I have been trying to find a backpack that would fit for about 3 weeks now. I need a good one, multiday (week or more), around 5000 cu in I think, internal pack. My problem is I am a relatively short female at 5'4", my torso is between 18 and 19 in, however I am slightly over weight, but trying to loose. Every general pack I have tried does one of two things, 1) the frame hits me in the head making it difficult to stand straight or 2) the pack sits so high from the fit adjustments that when loaded it puts too much weight on my shoulders. The women's packs I have tried cut into my shoulders. I have tried several brands from Jansport to Kelty to Vaude, and just haven't found the right one. Do you have any suggestions?



There are two packs that I would recommend you try. The first is the Dana Designs--I don't have their catalog right in front of me, but they have excellent women's packs. You should be able to find a dealer nearby that carries Dana. The second is Vortex, a Salt Lake City-based pack manufacturer that also makes excellent fitting packs. They may be harder to find in your area, but give Bill a call at 801-978-2207. Tell him Steve from referred you and explain your problem. He should be able to help you out.


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