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Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Sleeping Arrangements?

Hi... some friends and I are going on a camping trip soon and we wanted to buy a two-man cot or the like. Last year we had an air mattress, but it kept deflating (as you can see, my boyfriend is not quite the rustic, outdoorsy dude...) anyway, do you have any suggestions for a comfortable, easy, cheap, two-person thingy?

thank you

I can't find any two-person cots any where. You can get two cots and place them close together, but that's the best you can do with cots. Byer makes a good cot that we have reviewed this week at

Cascade Designs, makers of the Therm-A-Rest self inflating mattresses, offer a two-person mattress. The web page for this mattress is at Therm-A-Rest mattresses are the best self-inflating type made. This one is extra-wide (25 inches per person) and as thick as the thickest backpacking mattresses at 2 inches. Of course this means you are sleeping on the ground, rather than above ground with a cot.

Slumberjack also has a "double-mat" system, but it looks like this is two mats attached together. I mention this because Slumberjack mats are less expensive than Therm-A-Rest (but probably less comfortable). The Slumberjack page is at

That's about all I can come up with. I hope it helps.

Steve Mann

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