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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Coleman Fuel?

My question is regarding the differences between coleman fuel and kerosene. Can coleman fuel be burned inside a house or is it only for outside use in outdoor stoves? I read once that one of these 2 fuels gives off carbon monoxide and the other gives off oxygen. Is this correct? What are the differences?

Thank you


Here's the answer from Coleman.

Short answers to the questions are: both fuels burn oxygen and are designed for outdoor use only.

Coleman fuel is a much more refined fuel than kerosene. Kerosene appliances require preheating because they turn from a liquid to a vapor at a much higher temperature. A kerosene lantern for instance has a preheating cup where alcohol is squirted and lighted first before the lantern is turned on to begin the vaporization process. With stoves, a preheating paste or a squirt of raw fuel is started on the burner to preheat the generator. Kerosene by definition is dirtier, which is a function of less refining. But once lighted both fuel types burn oxygen at a fairly similar rate and can potentially cause a carbon monoxide situation as a result of that combustion process. Kerosene generally is not the fuel of choice in the U.S. It typically is used in third world nations where kerosene is more available.

Steve Mann

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