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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Coleman Fuel?

Can Coleman fuel be used in gasoline engines, such as, generators or even automobiles?

Here is an answer to your question from Coleman:

"Coleman fuel is not a good choice for gasoline engines cited in your example. It has low octane, around 55. By contrast, automotive gasoline octane ratings are in the 87 to 93 range. A car engine, for instance, will knock like crazy if it only has Coleman fuel in it. Pre-detonation could be severe enough to cause piston damage, I'm told.

One could, if they were wanting to use up the remainder of a gallon of Coleman fuel, add it to a tank of regular gas and it would burn up alright but it would need to be added to, say, 10 gallons or more of regular octane gasoline. We have been told by consumers that it works OK in two-cycle engines when oil is added and premixed, ala the way two-cycle gas/oil are usually premixed. We haven't tried it to my knowledge and do not, therefore, recommend it. Coleman fuel is very clean and consistent, but it is low in octane. Octane is not a factor in lantern and stove operation."

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