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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Coleman Fuel?

Hi just a quick question. Approximately how many hours of cooking time can I expect from a gallon of coleman fuel used in a regular sized coleman camp stove? Some of the camp stoves are saying approximately 2 hours burn time in the descriptions of the stoves but is that just burn time per fill up of fuel in the fuel container? Any help you can give me on this would be much appreciated!



Here is an answer from Coleman:

"I'm not sure I fully understand your second question, but I think I can cover the bases with this answer. The two most common liquid fuel stoves we sell are the compact model (available in Dual Fuel and Coleman-fuel-only models, # 424-700 and 425F499T, respectively) and the Powerhouse (#414-700), both are two burners. The burn time of the compact models is 2 hours with both burners on high. Fuel tank capacity is 2.5 pints. Therefore, a gallon of fuel will run the stove 6.4 hours with both burners on high, which could be considered a minimum run time as one does not usually cook with both burners on high; the exception would be boiling water constantly. The Powerhouse, which is larger, has more powerful burners and a larger fuel tank, has a run time of 2.3 hours with both burners on high. With a fuel tank capacity of 3.5 pints, the run time for a gallon of fuel is 5.29 hours with both burners on high."

I hope this answers your question. Thanks for visiting

Steve Mann

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