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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Sierra Designs '99 Clip Flashlight 2 with or without footprint?

I have read many reviews on Sierra Designs '99 Clip Flashlight 2, and I have found that most people suggest this tent. What I was wondering was, should I get the footprint with it or just use a basic ground sheet? What is the footprint? Please help.

Nat Baker

A footprint is simply a waterproof abrasion-resistant piece of fabric cut out to the precise dimensions of the tent. Use of the footprint will extend the life of the tent's floor and increase waterproofness of the floor (i.e. in extremely rainy situations the floor may leak, the footprint increases protection against water.) The two main drawbacks of a footprint are increased cost and weight when backpacking.

A cut piece of painters plastic can quickly and inexpensively be made for the same purpose as a footprint. Usually the plastic is adequate, but a manufactured footprint usually offers better protection, as the fabric (usually a ripstop nylon) is more durable than plastic.

Bottom line: get the footprint if you'll be camping in wet areas (e.g. the Northwest), or in rough terrain. Otherwise it boils down to cost. Most tents will function fine under normal circumstances without a footprint, but the footprint will likely extend the life of the tent's floor over the long haul.

Steve Mann

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