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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Filter and Chlorine?

I was curious to find out some answers to water filter questions. I work in the outdoor industry and had a customer ask a Y2K question. Can a Pur Scout handle filtering water straight out a of a swimming pool (high chlorine levels)?

If so, what would levels of chlorine that high do to the filter's life?


Here is a response from Shawn, the Sales Manager for Pur's outdoor filters.

"Regarding the use of PUR water purifiers for use in pool water, we have not tested them for the reduction of such high levels of chlorine. Our household products are tested and designed to reduce chlorine in tap water, while our outdoor products are designed and registered by the EPA to eliminate all microbiological dangers (including Viruses, Bacteria, and Protozoa). The new carbon StopTop that comes standard on PUR purifiers will reduce flavors and chemicals in the water."

There is a way to treat pool water with something (carbon?) that might make the water drinkable. A good book on pool maintenance would explain this. I think it is part of the process in which pools are cleaned and refilled with new water every year or two.

So, the answer as far a PUR filters goes, is no. I suspect that other filters will be the same.

Steve Mann

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