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Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Gaz Turbo Bleuet 270 Stove?

Hello. First I would like to say thank you for the information. I am a complete novice when it comes to camping gear and your web site has helped me a tremenedous amount in my research. I do have a question in reference to the Gaz Turbo Bleuet 270 Stove. It is a little different than the Gaz Micro Bluet (Which I read your review on). By any chance do you have any information at this time about the Gaz Turbo Bleuet 270 stove? Any info you could give me would be very much appreciated. Thanks for your time and keep up the superior work.



In response to your inquiry of the Turbo Bleuet 270 Stove.

I have never used the stove. It is slightly larger than a micro 270 and has a built in small windscreen. It will probably perform as well as the other Camping Gaz stove.

We find the canister stoves to be easy to use and are best when used in mild weather. One problem we have with all canister stoves is when the fuel gets low it will loose pressure. This causes a less powerful flame requiring longer times to get water to boil.

I also don't know how many almost empty canisters I have lying around, because I don't want to take a partially empty canister out in the backcountry in-case it runs out.

Camping Gaz has been a quality company in the past and now Coleman is distributing the line of stoves. They too have a great record of quality gear.

The stove pumps out over 10,000 BTU's and will boil a liter of water in only three minutes. The stove will burn for an hour at high setting. This stove can simmer.

Camping Gaz has begun a program for recycling its fuel cartridges.

Weight 9oz.
MSRP Price $30

I hope this helps you with your search.

Jeff Porcaro
Contributing Editor

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