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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Sleeping Bags?

I read with intrest your reviews on sleeping bags - and was wondering if you had any thoughts on the Wiggy Ultima Thule bag?

M Hardy

Answer: has not been able to review or use Wiggy's bags, as the company will not provide them to us for testing. All I know of the is what I have read in the Wiggy's newsletter. They claim the bags to be nearly as warm and lightweight as down, but to maintain that warmth even when wet. down loses almost all of its insulating properties when wet. Wiggy's suggests that the lamelite fill is the best synthetic fill available. They give examples of people falling through the ice in the arctic with their gear, but still being able to get warm in the wet Wiggy's sleeping bag.

In general I have a positive opinion of Wiggy's product, but that is not based on field testing. The bags are also reasonably priced when compared with other "name" brand bags. At some point will break down and buy a Wiggy's bag to test, but that'll probably be after you've had to make your decision.

I hope that helps.

Steve Mann

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