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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Is it possible to combine two sleeping bags?


I am planning a climb to Aconcagua, and I am worried about my sleeping bag which is rated to 0 deg. comfort and -18 extreme (centigrade). Since it is not warm enough for this trip and I'd really like to avoid buying second bag, I wonder is it possible to combine two sleeping bags (same ratings as mentioned) to "make" one warm enough?


Here are three responses from our editors:

"It depends on the fill that you have. If it is down then it is a bad idea because you will loose your loft. If it is synthetic then it isn't as much as a problem. 0 degrees C is only 32 degrees F. Temperature drops exponentially, so two bags might not be the way to go. I would suggest a new bag, something around -25 F. You spend so much time in your tent and in your bag waiting out storms, you'll want something that is good quality and warm. Plus if you get a down bag, then you'll probably have less weight to carry." -- Walt

"I have done this before when I was younger and would do winter camps with boy scouts. I found that using two bags actually worked well for car camping, but I wouldn't recommend it for mountaineering. Putting the bags together is like having an extra thick liner. One hint, I found that putting zippers on opposite sides seemed to work well for preventing heat loss through the zippers. However, between the extra weight and loss of loft I'd think twice before taking two bags to Aconcagua. That's my 2 cents." -- Rhett

"I'd be concerned about the extra weight of two bags. If you just need a few extra degrees of warmth, I'd go for a bag liner, such as the Design Salt flannel or silk mummy liners. The flannel adds 12 degrees F to the warmth rating and the silk adds 10. If you need more warmth than that, I'd plunk down the cash for a new bag. Fussing with two bags or sleeping cold for several consecutive nights isn't my idea of a good trip." -- Steve

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