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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Audiovox FR-130?

I was wondering if you had tested or otherwise had any insight about the Audiovox FR-130 priced at $39.99 individually at Target that I am considering for purchase. I would be primarily using the equipment at amusement parks. I have perused your review page on these product types. However, while I found it very useful it didn't contain any specific info about the aforementioned product. I thought that even if you may not have actually tested the product, you might have or heard what I should expect from the Audiovox. I would greatly appreciate any advice you may offer.

Thank you for your time.



I haven't had the opportunity to test the Audiovox radios but after some checking I would think that they may be a good buy. There are two things that you need to be aware of is the FR-130 only has 14 channels with no sub channels. So with the busy amusement parks and the popularity of radios you may find that there are others transmitting on the all of the 14 channels. With the sub channels you add 38 sub channels that give you 546 available channels instead of 14.

The other thing I would try is have the clerk let you open the package and put batteries in the units and try them out. Check out the quality of sound that you get. If the sound quality is sufficient and you don't think you will need more than 14 channels 39.99 is a great price.

Jeff Porcaro
Contributing Editor

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