By Jon Sharp

eLoad Energy Electrolyte Drink canistersThe heat is oppressive as I climb. Though the hill is steep, it isn't long--and it certainly isn't anything I'm not used to. But there it is: the heat. I long for a little breeze--even a tiny whisper of wind to help cool me down. When temperatures are elevated like this, the body has to work very hard to stay cool. And if it doesn't stay cool, then it doesn't perform. Right now, I'm wanting it to perform. Please perform, because I'd sure like to make it up this hill.

The one thing I have on my side is my energy drink. At this point, I'm sweating so much that if I drank just water, I'd very soon be depleted of the electrolytes my body needs to keep firing the muscles. The makers of eLoad say it's designed specifically for exercising in the heat. I cling to the hope that they're right.

eLoad Energy Electrolyte Drink canistersThere are many parts of drinking eLoad I really like. For one, the flavor is light. Light, but not like an electrolyte-only drink. There is flavor--just enough to make drinking it a pleasure. In a very difficult (mountainous) century I did, I drank only eLoad the whole time. Normally, with other energy drinks I've used, this would lead to my getting so sick of drinking that I'd stop altogether after about 80 miles. Not so with eLoad. At no point was it unpleasant to the taste.

Another thing I like, of course, is the way that it manages to keep me hydrated. The makers of eLoad claim to have formulated it specially for endurance events in the heat. Did it help me? Well, I didn't do any double-blind "clinical studies", but I found on hot days that it did a great job of not only giving me energy, but helped me stay feeling hydrated as well. Which is to say, I didn't feel the effects of the heat and sun as readily. In addition, eLoad contains a lactic acid buffer--good for keeping your legs feeling fresh on those long days in the saddle.

Finally, I'm at the top of the climb and zipping up my jersey for the descent. Once I'm past the mind-numbing climb, I realize I'm actually feeling just fine. In fact, there's not a trace of bonk in me. Maybe I'll do it again for good measure.

Summary: When exercising out in the heat and sun, it is very important to drink more than water--as well as more than calories. eLoad provides a great balance between both electrolytes and calories. It never gave me an upset stomach and the formula was light enough in flavor that I could drink it all day. At $45 for about 52 servings, it's an investment. However, it's an investment I feel is well worth the pay-off--especially when I need my body to perform at its best.

Jon Sharp is a contributing editor for GearReview.com. Jon likes orange eLoad for breakfast with wheaties. Read his blog (Lactic Acid Threshold).

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