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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Utah's Weather

Trail Tips


Bull Valley Gorge - Utah

"W here else in all of the southwest can you see a earthen bridge formed on top of a pickup truck that slid into a narrow slot canyon, becoming permanently wedged high up between the canyon walls?"

Llewellyn Gulch - Utah

"Llewellyn Gulch is accessible from Lake Powell at Mile Marker 62.5. Take the side canyon to the west from the main channel. This inlet is about 60 miles from the BullFrog Marina. Llewellyn Gulch has magnificent slot canyons and beautiful desert surroundings..."

Llewellyn Gulch
Lost Spring - Utah

"Lost Spring Canyon is what I envision the old west to be. Sheer cliffs border the landscape of juniper and sagebrush. I kept expecting to see the John Wayne riding along on his horse..."

Lost Spring
Mt Whitney - California

"On both sides are thousand-foot drops, with the Sequoia National Park valley floor to the west, and the boulders at the bottom of the massive cirque formed by the Mount Whitney range on the east. One misstep would send us tumbling to the floor below..."

Mt Whitney
Coalpits Wash - Utah

"Coalpits Wash turns out to be a great hike, ... the real reason we enjoyed Coalpits Wash is because we were able to catch a rare glimpse of desert beauty in the winter. ..."

Coalpits Wash
Red Pine Lake - Utah

"Spectacular views of the rocky granite summits of Little Cottonwood Canyon's Alpine Ridge punctuate the journey up to two small, blue-green watery jewels nestled into a glacier-carved basin at the top of Red Pine Canyon."

Unamed peak 10,879
Iron Wash-San Rafael Swell

"Once you have reached the wash you are on the trail. As you follow the trail the canyon walls will begin to tower up along side of you. The canyon continues into the swell for about 4 miles and then begins to open up a little."

Coyote Gulch

"By the way the Café on main street in Escalante has a mean double cheese burger and onion rings, a must after burning all of those calories and eating MRE's and Pack food."

Grand Gulch

"This trip takes you back 2000 years to the day when the indians lived on the land and farmed for the food they ate. When you enter this canyon and come upon the ruins you get the feeling that time has stood still."

Zion's Kolob Canyons

"There are a few cows here in this valley until you reach the fence at the park boundary. The water stops shortly after the park boundary. The terrain around consists of Ponderosa pine as well as sage and scrub oak."

Uinta's Highline Trail

"The High Uintas Wilderness Area was estabilished in 1984, setting aside 460,000 acres of land. This land is located east of Kamas Utah and ranges in elevations from 8,000 to 13,000 feet above sea level."

Timpanogos -Aspen Grove Trail

A popular assent to one of the highest peaks in Utah. (11,750 ft) Located 30 miles Southeast of Salt Lake City. Grand views of the utah valley and the Provo/American Fork Canyons. Wildlife to be seen includes: Moose, Mule Deer, Birds, and Mountain Goats.

Timpanogos -Timpooneke Trail to Grove Creek

Another great climb through the same beautiful mountains as mentioned before. Located 30 miles Southeast of Salt Lake City. Wildlife to be seen includes: Elk, Mule Deer, Birds and Squirrels.

Rock Canyon

A simple hike up an old utility road. Located 40 miles Southeast of Salt Lake City. East of the Provo LDS Temple.

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