Buggaboo Buggy
By Kelly Chamberlain

Buggaboo Buggy

The Buggaboo Buggy is a sturdy sled for many backcountry applications including glacier travel, skiing, and camping. You can also bring a child along if you purchase the optional child seat and windscreen. I didn't ski with the buggy, but I used it on several winter trips, and found that although it has a few shortcomings, it has advantages that make it worth considering if you are in the market for a sled.

My first experience with the buggy included a four-day backcountry trip through Utah's Wasatch Mountains. The initial approach included trails and roads that had been used by snowmobiles. The sled excelled on trails with either packed snow, or untracked powder. As I began to veer off-trail, I encountered some difficulty with the sled when the trails became narrow, winding, or tracked. The haul poles are 92", making tight maneuvers very difficult.

I would have liked to see the compression straps be a bit wider. The standards straps and buckles made me leery of really cinching my load down. The straps did hold however, but wider straps and buckles would have made me feel more secure. I would have also preferred telescoping haul poles. When you ski, you need longer haul poles, but when your trip includes narrow winding trails, having the sled closer to your body becomes almost essential.

The Buggaboo Buggy comes with a weatherproof nylon snow skirt that protects your equipment and gear very well while inside the sled. There are three straps that compress your load to aid in better stability. Make sure that you organize your gear in such a way to allow for maximum balance. You will dump this sled on any incline if you do not balance your load properly!

The Buggaboo Buggy is extremely durable. I was concerned that the haul poles would bend under the stress of the load, especially when it overturned, but they held up to the stresses without a problem. I trekked up and across extremely steep terrain with rocks and bushes constantly abusing the sled, but my gear stayed protected, and the sled performed as it should, with nothing breaking.

The Buggaboo Buggy is equipped with a wide, tapered hip belt, which I found comfortable, regardless of the incline or trail. You may be thrown off balance if the sled tips, and you have to be careful to keep the sled in control on descents, which can be a two person job. The hip belt keeps the sled secure and stands up to a lot of abuse.

The Buggaboo Buggy is reasonably priced at $225.00 plus shipping.

Summary: The Buggaboo Buggy is an extremely durable sled. If you spend a lot of time on wider trails, where untracked or packed powder is common, the Buggaboo Buggy will allow you to carry heavier loads with ease. I wasn't able to try the optional child carrier, but I spoke to the manufacturer, and this system will easily allow you to include children on your weekend excursion.

  • Length: 46 in/117 cm
  • Width: 18 in/46 cm
  • Height: 8 in/20 cm
  • Length of Poles: 92 in
  • Color: Red
  • Construction: High-density rotary moulded polythene
  • Features:
    - 16 inch aluminum runners (riveted to base)
    - High-tempered aluminum hauling poles
    - Weatherproof nylon snow skirt
    - Extra wide taper cut padded waist belt
    - Fittings for child seat and windscreen
  • Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase all manufacturing defects

Kelly Chamberlain is an avid climber, boulderer, and winter camper. He is also a member of a search and rescue team.

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