Rock Climbing Utah's Wasatch Range


By: Bret & Stuart Ruckman
Published by: Chockstone Press
Paperback, 488 pages, 2nd Edition

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Publication date: May 1998
Price: $30.00
ISBN: 1575400901
Category: climbing


Rock Climbing Utah's Wasatch Range is another quality guide book by Bret & Stuart Ruckman.› If you are familiar with the old Wasatch Climbing North,then you will be pleasantly surprised with this, the second edition of the guidebook.› You'll immediately notice the expanded size of version.› At three times the size, this guidebook is stuffed full of quality climbing.

Two broken ribs from a recent snowboarding fall, and cold and wet spring weather typical of Utah has kept me off the rocks.› To pass the time I picked up this book and started to flip through the pages.› Within minutes I was lamenting my woes.› Pictures of perfect cracks in the quartz monzonite of Little Cottonwood Canyon, detailed topos of long Lone Peak granite, and pages and pages of routes got me excited to visit the Salt Lake canyons again. After cataloging all the new areas, I methodically made my tick list on the inside back cover of the book.

The updates in this book make it a worthwhile purchase.› The black and white photos are a lower quality reproduction (due to a lower quality of paper) than the original edition, but can be overlooked due to the sheer number of routes and the high quality sewn binding (always a plus in a guide book). The detailed topos and descriptions have become the norm with Wasatch climbing guides and this book is no different.

The energy of the Ruckman brothers cannot be overstated.› This book represents a monumental task.› With over 50 new climbing crags and more than 1400 routes, Rock Climbing Utah's Wasatch Range is a truly amazing feat, and the Ruckmans continue to deliver.› If you've lost or worn out your older version, or you've climbed it out, spend the thirty bucks for this book. It's worth the investment.

Reviewed by John Walter.

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