Atlas 825 Snowshoes
By Denise Court

Atlas 825
The Atlas 825 snowshoe, in the hiking series, is made of a strong aluminum and Nytex decking. Nytex is a fabric that has been milled with a nylon cord then sandwiched between PVC. This material is abrasion/cold resistant down to -50F.

The switchback harness style is comfortable and durable. This fully adjustable design allows for a tight and stable fit on the broadest range of shoe sizes and styles (women's size 6 to men's size 14). Versatility makes this model a must have for guests.

The hiking series also have Traverse-Track, an additional cleat that provides extra balance and stability on slopes or uneven traverses. A metal heal cleat is also intended to give added traction and stability.

The model 825 weighs 4lbs and can hold up to 200 lbs. They measure 8"x 25" making these shoes compact and light weight. They are easily stored in a closet or the trunk of a car.

When I tested these snowshoes I found them to be lightweight and sturdy. I could easily maneuver up and down streambeds and hills without slipping. The only thing I found undesirable was the heel cleat. The Snow would build up and form a hard ball. While on a long trek I was annoyed with having to continually use my pole to break off the ice block that had formed.

Summary: The Atlas 825 snowshoe is versatile, lightweight, and strong. The traverse bindings work with the broadest range of shoe sizes. They are compact and store flat. I would definitely like to keep a pair of these shoes on hand for a guest or for light hiking.

The suggested retail price is $159.00.

Denise Court is a contributor to GearReview.com

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