Atlas 1233 Snowshoes By Denise Court

Atlas 1233

The Atlas 1233 is made of strong aluminum, hand welded using the Tungsten Inert Gas welding technique to produce the toughest, lightest frame possible. Part of the Atlas Summit Series, the 1233 has a spring-loaded binding for enhanced performance. Atlas is the only company that makes this type of binding, which lifts the nose of the shoe allowing for a more natural stride. It also makes backing up easier. The summit series also have Traverse-Track, an additional cleat that provides extra balance and stability on slopes.

Another feature to note is the snowboard-style ratchet system harness. This harness style is comfortable and durable. The ratchet system makes getting into and out of the harness easy, even with gloves on or with cold hands.

The model 1233 weighs 5.1 pounds and supports up to 275 pounds. They measure 9"x 29.5", making these shoes compact enough for the closet.

When I tested these snowshoes I found them to be lightweight and sturdy. I could easily maneuver up and down streambeds and hills without slipping. They were so comfortable that I almost forget I had them on. I did not find any of the unusual muscle pull I get from other snowshoes. Even with a heavy pack I was able to have a comfortable stride. The weight seemed to be evenly distributed on the strong hypalon decking.

Summary: The Atlas 1233 snowshoe is lightweight and strong. The design allows for a natural stride, which I found essential on long treks. These snowshoes are great! I would recommend them to anyone serious about winter sports. They are compact enough to store easily and strong enough to take anywhere. The Atlas 1233 are glove friendly, any winter wimp like me would greatly appreciate that in itself.

The suggested retail price is $279

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