Review of Primus PrimeTorch 801
By Matt Smith

LED Technology has come a long way in the last decade, certainly farther in my opinion than halogen lights had in the previous decade. The newest generation of regulated high power LEDs can throw a beam just as bright and just as far as any of the competion. The thing that surprised me about the new PRIMUS PrimeTorch 801 is the focus and narrow spread of the beam, whether on high (90 lumens) or low (20 lumens). The packaging claims 125 yards of throw from the beam. I found that not only was this conservatively realistic, but even at that distance the focus and intensity of the light beam was outstanding!

PrimeTorch 801

The PRIMUS PrimeTorch 801 is fueled by an included Ni-MH cell. The burn time is reported as 35 hours, which I haven't come close to reaching during testing. The aluminum case allows the light to weigh in at just under 1/2 pound, excellent concerning the brightness of the beam. The knurled handled, balance, and overall grip comfort of the light is excellent.

Summary: The PrimeTorch 801 is a great flashlight when you need a long lasting, bright, focused beam. While the MSRP is $115 for this light, it can be found for around $100 if you keep your eyes open. That is a reasonable price for this quality of light, and if you consider the value of the batteries you don't have to buy it's a slam dunk. The only bad thing I noticed: a slight high pitched hum from the charger during charging. I just left it in the other room overnight. . . problem solved.

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