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By Matt Smith

In the past we have looked at a number of altimeter watches, but this one from St. Moritz caught our attention as being something unique, and cool. St. Moritz is a Canadian company based in Vancouver. Their watches combine quality, style, and real world functionality.

Perhaps the feature that makes the Topograph unique is the analog altimeter. When functioning in standard mode, the alitmeter takes a reading every hour, but with a quick push of a button, the sensor takes readings every 3 seconds. If you inadvertently forget to turn off the 3 second sensor, it will revert back to sampling ever hour after 30 minutes to conserve battery power. The alimeter is calibrated to meters, which takes a bit of adjusting for us non-metric flatlanders, however, in the mountaineering community, it is no trouble at all. The Chronograph is accurate and easy to read, though it takes a bit of getting used to the fact that for the first minute, 60 seconds falls at about the 8:00 position (due to the metric numbering for the altimeter).

St. Moritz
Momentum Topograph

The Topograph is available with blue or black face, and a variety of band options. Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the watch. The altimeter is very sensitive, and easy to read. I was consistently able to distinguish elevation changes of 20 feet. Another feature that I really liked about the Topograph is how easy it is to calibrate the altimeter as the barometric pressure changes. No more moving through four or more digits one at a time. A quick push of the button, and you can easily adjust the elevation up or down in seconds. The altimeter can take altitude readings from 300 meters to 5000 meters. It is waterproof to more than any of us will ever take it (100 M), and sports a 2 year batter life under normal usage.

Summary: The St. Moritz Momentum Topograph is a quality analog altimiter watch that is functional enough for use not only as an active lifestyle accessory, but also in real backcountry applications as well. You can buy the Topograph for around $325 US.

For more information contact:
St. Moritz Watch Corp.
1140 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1B4

Matt Smith is the canyoneering specialist at GearReview.com, and always gets stuck carrying the longest damn rope and the first aid kit!

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