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By Matt Smith

This spring we took a look at two of the cooles new offerings from the St. Moritz Watch Company. The Logic, and the Aeromax. Both feature a full titanium casing, making the watch extremely light weight and unobtrusive to wear. The Aeromax incorporates a functional second time zone hour indicator, which makes it useful for travellers, particularly if you travel between two time zones on a regular basis.

The sapphire crystal is every bit as tough on the Aeromax as on the Logic and M50. In and out of luggage bins, grocery carts, and trunks, the Aeromax has held up very well to the rigors of daily use in an active lifestyle. The rubber bracelet doesn't stay wet after a shower, soaking through your jacket, and it doesn't retain funk if you happen to sweat while wearing it a few times.

The Aeromax is water proof down to 200 feet. The Superluminous coating on the hands and dial to make it very easy to read. Although the Aeromax also has a black dial, similar to the Logic we tested, it seemed to be brighter, and last longer than the Logic. Particularly where the Aeromax is specifically intended for travel, I wish it included an alarm feature. This would have come in useful for those unexpected lay-overs etc.

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The Aeromax is only available with a black dial at this time. To me this is not a problem as the Aeromax is certainly a classically conservative design. Upon close inspection it is clearly well made, but without the flashy look of some "status symbol" watches. As with the Logic, the only caution I would offer, is the rubber bracelet is not very forgiving for improper sizing. I would recommend having it sized by the dealer to avoid having to purchase an additional band unnecessarily.

Summary: The St. Moritz Aeromax is a tough, lightweight, and stylish time piece. It is well suited to general active lifestyle use. You can buy the Topograph for around $325 US.

For more information contact:
St. Moritz Watch Corp.
1140 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1B4

Matt Smith is the canyoneering specialist at GearReview.com, and his wife has been so nice to let him go out on more test trips than normal this year. I love you hon, you are the best wife in the world!

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