Review of Moonstone Radical Zip-T
By Matt Smith

The Radical Zip T falls somewhere between a heavy weight base layer and a light weight insulative layer. The inside is soft enough to be worn directly against the skin, but the outside is weather resistant enough to protect you in light wind and rain.

A very nice feature, are the stretch panels located under each arm and up the small of the back. I found the stretch panels to be very breathable, and a little lighter weight in just the right places. Between the zip neck and the stretch panel on the back, I was able the wear the Radical Zip under a backpack all day long in fall weather. The chest pocket is just the right size for a few hard candies, a small map or some Chapstick(TM).

The Radical Zip is packable enough to fit easily in a side pocket or lid of a backpack. It’s the kind of thing you would throw in your pack "just in case". I love this jacket, and I take it one every trip now. Honestly, I can’t imagine being without one.

Summary: A nice micro-fleece piece at a reasonable price, the Moostone Radical Zip-T is a very versatile product. I would consider this type of a sweater/jacket to be a must have in every outdoor wardrobe.

For more information contact:
Moonstone Mountain Equipment
1700 Westlake Avenue North
Suite 200
Seattle, Washington 98109

Matt Smith is the canyoneering specialist at GearReview.com.

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