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By Matt Smith

Not everything that is good is complicated, and so it is with the Momentum Supernova Chronograph. At face value, the Supernova is a simple watch with an alarm. It is trim, sleek, and stylish. The titanium case makes it so light, you hardly notice you are wearing it. The natural rubber wrist band comes infused with a mild vanilla scent. The Supernova also features a non-repeating two pitch alarm with a ceramic resonator. The crystal is practically indestructible sapphire.


The original test watch was a screw down crown. Because the alarm has to be set for each use, I found it cumbersome to be unscrewing the crown all the time. Thankfully, my friends at Momentum quickly sent a push crown version. I found the push crown to be much more convenient.

Really there are two features that make this watch unique and cool. The first is the blue Superluminous face. Not only is the blue more readable in the dark than the traditional pale green glow, but it looks a lot better too. The second is the ceramic resonator alarm. To set the alarm, you just pull out the crown 1 stop, then advance the alarm to time desired time using the button. When the desired alarm time is reached, just push in the crown and the alarm is set. The two pitch alarm is sure to wake you from pretty much any slumber.

The only weakness I could find with this watch is that it is somewhat cumbersome to synchronize the alarm clock with the main clock face, especially the first time. After you have done it once and understand the process, it is easy.

Summary: The Supernova is an excellent, non-pretentious watch. There are no over-the-top dials and readouts, just a simple very easy to read watch and alarm. I found myself using the alarm frequently as a countdown timer because it is so easy to set (particularly with the push crown version). It is slim and light weight making it a perfect all around watch that is stylish enough to wear with your suit to the office, but still light weight and functional to stay on your arm for your weekend backpacking trip. The Supernova retails for $235, but can be found online for just under $200 if you watch.

For more information contact:
Momentum by St. Moritz
1140 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1B4

Matt Smith Is a contributing editor at Gearreview.com and abuses himself exploring the dark, nether regions of the Colorado Plateau. Check out his blog with his latest trip reports and product test updates.

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