Review of Metolius Safe Tech Climbing Helmet
By Matt Smith

Several years ago I tried on a prototype of a new helmet at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. It was the latest innovation from Metolius. It was almost love at first sight. . . almost because it wasn't set to debut for more than a year. Since that time Metolius has tweaked and revised that design, finally arriving at the current offering. The Metolius Safe Tech Helmet is the the result of passion, and experience.

Safe Tech Helmet

The first thing you might notice about the Metolius Helmet is a harness that more closely resembles what you are used to in a bike helmet rather than a climbing helmet. The previous rendition even included a fantastic easy adjustment band that has been replaced in the current version by the floating (velcro attached) rear straps. The rear straps allow for a much more customizable fit to the harness, and avoid a hard knob right against the back of your skull like most other helmets. The easy locking front straps further customize the fit and ride of the helmet and harness. The end result is an incredibly light (13.4 oz.), comfortable, and breathable helmet.

During testing, there were only two nuisance issues I had. First, the feed-through buckle adustment on the rear straps makes it bothersome to adjust the helmet fit rapidly if you are putting on or taking off a beanie. An auto locking adjustment that can be operated with gloves on would be nice, although it would sacrifice the skeletal weight. Secondly, beefing up the pad at the crown of the head would improve the comfort with minimal weight gain.

Summary: The Metolius Safe Tech Helmet won't dissapoint you if you are looking for minimal weight, superior comfort, and excellent protection and durability. The cost is a great value at only $67.95 MSRP.

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