Review of Marmot Driclime Flex Jacket
By Matt Smith

The Driclime windshirt has been around long enough that most people have at least seen one, if not owned and worn one. In my mind, the Driclime line is an innovative product that has set the standard for which many others are reaching.

Cut trim and technical for easy layering, the Driclime Flex Jacket is a staple for outdoor gear. It is wind resistant for September nights, water resistant for April mornings, and the driclime lining is superbly comfortable against the next and wrists. In reality, the Driclime Flex Jacket is practically essential. Polartec ® Power Stretch ® panels provide freedom of movement, as well as good ventilation. Pit vents help reduce the occurence of "funk", and the Driclime lining moves the moisture away from your base layers (unless you're still wearing cotton long-johns).

I used the Driclime Flex Jacket extensively as a layering piece and as a stand alone jacket. It wasn't long before I was wearing the Driclime Jacket under shells and barrier fleece pieces made by other manufacturers. Where layering under fleece used to seem like an insurmountable challenge, the Driclime shell is slick, and slides easily into the sleeves of anything, even expedition weight fleece.

As a windshirt or jacket the Driclime Flex is awesome. It weighs next to nothing (12 oz.), and packs easily into the smallest summit packs for August peakbagging trips. It stops the winds, and surpisingly, doesn't feel clammy even after a robust ridge.

Summary: The Driclime Flex Jacket is a phenomenal piece of gear. I would recommend it to anyone for almost any use. It truely is that versatile. The Driclime Flex jacket can be yours for around $150.

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Matt Smith is the canyoneering specialist at GearReview.com, and has an aversion to being cold.

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