Review of Loki Ullr Mountain Hoodle
By Matt Smith

Perhaps you've heard of Loki, I hadn't. My wife and I had long ago decided that our future dog would be named Loki. I'm not really sure, but can it really be a coincidence? Loki is a Grand Junction, Colorado company with their roots beginning as far back as 1994, but things didn't really take off for them until 1997. After receiving their first patent in 1998. The recent resurgence and expansion into the full outerwear line they currently offer was hatched in 2000.

Loki Ullr Hoodie

All of the outerwear offered by Loki features one or both of two flagship technologies. First, the Loki Mitt and second, the Face Shield. The Loki mitt is what we all wished we had when we were kids. We still liked the string through the sleeves because we could just rip off our gloves, leave them hanging there knowing they would still be there when we wanted them. Only problem was only kindergartners have their mittens strung together through their sleeves! The Loki Mitt is permanently connected to the sleeve, and can be stowed virtually unseen until you need it. Having the mitt stow requires the sleeves be about 3 inches longer than normal. This makes the sleeves feel a little baggy and bunched up, particuarly if you have a layer under, or over it. With the mitt on (deployed), the extra length disappears and the glove fits all the way to the tip of your fingers. Trust me, it will all make a lot more sense if you watch the demo on Loki's website. The mitt itself, uninsultated is great for those unexpected tasks like scraping your windshield, pushing your shopping cart through the blizzard in the parking lot, etc. However, it is also functional enough to use for warm ski days. Loki makes various insulating liners that fit inside the mitt, or you can just use what you've got. I found that a nice fleece liner glove (Loki) was perfect for a day on the slopes with temperatures near 30.

The second unique feature is the Face Shield. It is simple to understand and use. It is basically a microfleece liner attached to the inside of the hood. If your face gets cold, it is easy to just pull it over your head and you have an impromptu balaclava. I found myself using the face shield with and without the rest of the hood. It made the overall versatility of the jacket much better.

The rest of the Ullr Hoodie is pretty standard for a soft shell hoodie. It is stretch woven polyester, with a DWR treatment to help with water shedding. There are two handwarmer pockets, dual Napoleon chest pockets, and pass-through capability so you can wear your iPod.

Summary: The Loki Ullr Hoodie is a nice, but standard soft shell, with the season extending functionality of stowable mitts and microfleece face shield. If you plan your outdoor wardrobe well, this, or another piece from the Loki line might eliminate 1 or more additional garments you would otherwise buy. The Ullr Hoodie retails for $135.

A special thanks to the folks at The Canyons Resort who set us up to do on-slope field testing of the Loki Ullr Hoodie on site. You can learn more about the The Canyons Resort, and our other industry partners on our Partners Page.

For more information contact:
2249 Broadway, Suite 8
Grand Junction, CO 81503

Matt Smith Is a contributing editor at Gearreview.com and is a complete dork gear junkie. Check out his blog with his latest trip reports and product test updates.

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