Review of Leki Micro Stick Trekking Poles
By Matt Smith

A little over a decade ago I had my first experience with trekking poles. A friend and I were out hiking and exploring in the Jones Hole area of the Green River. He had two pairs of sticks, and offered to let me use a pair. After a mile or so I figured out how to use them in rhythem with my natural gait, and have been a big fan ever since. Trekking poles improve balance on difficult terrain, alleviate some of the peak strain on knees and hips (both going uphill and down), and I've found that I don't get "sausage fingers" when I use trekking poles.

The Leki Micro Stick is for the most part like any other trekking pole in that it features a grip, a shaft, and a tip (with optional basket). The Micro Stick comes in 5 cm increments ranging from 110 cm to 130 cm. There is no adjustment per say, although depending on how tight you stretch the cord before locking the pole, you could have as much as 1 cm variance.

(folded view)
Leki Micro Stick

The Micro Sticks weigh in at just 17.6 oz., most of which is due to the robust Aergon grip and handle. The SpeedLock makes assembling the poles much faster than the traditional 3 segmented twist locking system. The SpeedLock latch is easy to operate while wearing most insulated gloves, so you don't have to fuss over trying to get a good grip to get your poles unlocked after a day of touring. The only trouble that I had at all with the SpeedLock system is that on occassion, while going downhill for a long distance, The shaft would slide through the lock mechanism just enough that the segments would rattle, but not actually come undone. This was simple enough to resolve.

Summary: If you are looking for a straight forward, easy to operate trekking pole, The Micro Stick is a great option. You will pay a bit of a premium for the Leki name, but rest assured you are getting a high quality product that will probably last longer than you do. MSRP for The Micro Stick is $159.95, but if you look around you can find them for as little as $125.

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