Review of Kamik Patriot Pac Boots
By Matt Smith

Kamik, has been around for a long time, and is one of the big names in winter work and recreation boots. The Patriot Pac boot is one of their flagship models that has been time tested, and continues to be one of their best selling boots. We figured if the boot is that good, we better have a look at it.

We tested the Patriot in early February, the coldest time of the year along the Wasatch Front, taking them into the backcountry for some 4 season camping and snowshoeing, as well as a little time off sledding with the kids.

The Patriot has a 9 inch ankle, and is fully waterproof. The full grain leather upper, and the Triumph rubber bottom kept my feet dry, period. During testing, temperatures were between 0 and 10 degrees farenheit (-18 to -12 C). In general, I found that if I was just standing around, my feet would get cold within about 30 minutes. However, with any kind of activity, even slow walking, the warm blood circulated to my feet, and they warmed up quickly, and were comfortable. The high ankle is great for powder, whether snowshoeing, or taking the dog for a walk. The footbed is also anti-microbial, which helps to minimize the funk from sweaty days, or when you accidentally break through thin ice and go in deeper than your shin!

The high ankle and lacing system are great for when you are out for the day. However, for the same reason they are functional as a pac boot, they are not as useful to leave by the back door for when you need to get firewood, or take out the trash. The ankle did take some time to break in. I found it somewhat stiff out of the box, but within a couple of weeks, it had softened considerably.

Summary: Overall, the Patriot is a very warm, functional pac boot. It would make a great hunting boot for late season hunting, or a base camp boot. The Patriot can be found online for around $115

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Matt Smith is a contributing editor, and the canyoneering specialist at Gearreview.com.

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