Review of Injinji EcoMade Socks
By Matt Smith

I am a little slow to get on the band wagon in general. I am slow to follow the hype of anything. I suppose I am conservative by nature, though my wife would clearly disagree. When it comes to the recent "green" fad, and "sustainable" products, in many cases it is mostly a public relations effort to sell more product rather than anything that actually makes a difference where the rubber hits the road. Most purported sustainable fabrics with bamboo, coconut husks, or recycled plastics are a blend of proven synthetic nylon or polyester fibers with a miniscule percentage of anything remotely sustainable. That is why I was pleasantly surprised with the Injinji Eco Made sock.

The Coolmax EcoMade fabric is actually 97 percent recycled plastic product. Now that is a percentage worth noting. Coolmax claims that the EcoMade fabric is every bit as cool and dry as the original Coolmax. I have owned several Coolmax products, and also concurrently tested the Injinji Performance Coolmax Toesock. There was no appreciable difference in function between the original Coolmax and the Coolmax EcoMade. I do have to admit, that I was a little self conscious about running in rainbow colored socks.

Rainbow EcoMade Toesock

Much of the Injinji literature is focused on allowing the foot to function as it was intended, with each of the toes moving independently. From that standpoint, I have to say that regardless of what sock I wear, I don't notice any real differnce in how my foot feels or seems to function. Putting your foot in a shoe pretty much negates most of that benefit. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of some Vibram 5-Fingers to see if the Injinji Toesocks can function more freely.

That being said, there is a huge performance benefit from the Injinji Toesocks in terms of my feet staying dry and blister free. My feet are chronically sweaty, so I can tell you what socks are good for keeping feet dry, and which are not. Having the Coolmax fiber around each toe dramatically increases the wicking action noticeably improving the overall comfort especially on long runs and desert hikes. Add to that the nice warm feeling you get from buying a product that is good for the environment, and you have a winner in my book!

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Summary: The Injinji Coolmax EcoMade toe socks are an excellent product to keep your feet dry and blister free, and reduce plastic waste at the same time. A variety of sock colors and styles are available for about $15.

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