Review of Injinji Coolmax Performance Socks
By Matt Smith

Several years ago, I came across a small booth in an out of the way corner of the Outdoor Retailer show, and met a likeable guy named Randuz. He was holding a pair of what I thought were novelty socks. Skeptical, I entered the booth, and listened to the schpiel. It was relatively convincing, and he had some good write-ups in print magazines. Half heartedly, I accepted a pair of the flagship sock at the time, the Coolmax Performance toe sock. It was a black pair, and I felt a little like Mister Deeds with his frost bitten foot. It was bizzare the first time I put them on and looked at my foot.

The Coolmax Performance toe sock won my heart almost immediately. It took a few uses before I didn't quickly notice the odd feeling of fabric in between my toes, but suddenly, I had the freedom to experience things like flip flops with socks in December! It wasn't until months later, the next summer during my first real hike in the socks that I noticed the true benefit. . . dry feet, and no blisters, or even hot spots. That is remarkable only because I test enough shoes that I am almost perpetually wearing a new, unbroken pair. This spring, I have had the pleasure of formally testing a pair of the newest Coolmax Performance toe socks. . . this time in white.

Coolmax Performance Toesock

Much of the Injinji literature is focused on allowing the foot to function as it was intended, with each of the toes moving independently. From that standpoint, I have to say that regardless of what sock I wear, I don't notice any real difference in how my foot feels or seems to function. Putting your foot in a shoe pretty much negates most of that benefit. I am currently anxiously awaiting the arrival of some Vibram 5-Fingers to see if the Injinji Toesocks can function more freely, and provide a noticable benefit.

The only downside I might note, is that when worn in a shoe with a small toe box, such as many popular approach shoes or other semi-technical shoes, I got a little sore between my toes by the end of the day from the fabric. I never noticed this wearing hiking boots, or trail or road running shoes.

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Summary: The Coolmax Performance toe socks are my favorite product to keep your feet dry and blister free. If you have that green tendency, check out the Coolmax Performance EcoMade toe socks, made from 97 percent recycled product. A variety of sock colors and styles are available for about $12 to $16.

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Matt Smith Is a contributing editor at Gearreview.com and is a complete dork gear junkie. Check out his blog with his latest trip reports and product test updates.

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