BBB RollerBoy Pulleys
By James Sharp

BBB RollerBoy PulleysThere are many parts of bicycles that many, if not most, cyclists don't think about. Things like quick release skewers, headsets and derailleur pulleys. Often, we just use what the bike came with. For the most part, these work just fine, but often there are other options that may be better. Quite a while ago, we put clear BBB RollerBoy pulleys, since then we've run them in the mud, rain, dust, more rain, and ... well, more rain.

The RollerBoys come in two types, the BDP-1 with 10 teeth and the BDP-2 (reviewed) with 11 teeth. The BDP-1 is compatible with Shimano 7 and 8 speed, Campagnolo 8, 9 and 10 speed and Sram-ESP up to 2004. The BDP-2 works with Shimano 9 and 10 speed. Both feature ABEC-3 sealed bearings for smooth rolling and long life. If ceramic bearings are your thing, look at the BDP-11 and BDP-12. The pulley body is made of a composite material that contains 40% glass fiber reinforcement. They come in clear (reviewed), grey and black.

Our RollerBoys spun smoothly out of the box. They come with a variety of bushings for a precise fit with whatever derailleur you choose to use them with. I used them on a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain. They spun smoother out of the box than the stock pulleys they replaced, though to be honest, once installed I couldn't perceive any difference in feel. The pulleys didn't adversely affect the shifting, either. The clear pulleys looks trick and give an excellent excuse to keep your drivetrain spotless. Otherwise, they are as black and grey as the black and grey pulleys.

Summary: BBB's RollerBoys are easy to install, look good and proved themselves durable. I tried to kill them but they keep on rolling smoothly. My shifting was as crisp as ever, so I can recommend these to anyone looking to spice up their drivetrain with something a little different.

James Sharp is a contributing editor for GearReview.com; He likes being different. More of his ramblings and a look at upcoming reviews can be found at his blog -- Lactic Acid Threshold.

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